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Meet our fearless leader:

Tiffany Pavelka, Founder

Equal parts problem-solver, decision-maker and collaborator, I’m here to help you find peace of mind and clarity about your business opportunities.

After spending more than 19 years working primarily in office management, marketing, human resources, I know what it takes to encourage and manage change, restructure an organization, develop talent, facilitate learning, implement processes, and reach goals.

My experience and knowledge will help you identify where you’re going, plan your route, and take you there.

I ask powerful questions that will lead you to outstanding strategies, processes, and results for increased performance and staff retention.

What set me apart? My can-do attitude. My open, honest communication. My passion for understanding what matters to you and your business.

I am a member of the Society of Human Resources Management, which gives me access to valuable professional tools that can ultimately benefit you.

Tiffany Pavelka Red Cape Consulting

Are you a business leader ready for a stress-free organizational solution that enhances operational performance and fosters financial growth? Red Cape Consulting is here to help.

Whether your goal is to grow your customer base, increase your billing, attract and retain the best employees, restructure for better optimization, or enhance what you’re already doing, I’d love to connect. And if you’ve lost focus and need personalized guidance on defining your goals, have no fear — Red Cape is just a click away.

Let Red Cape Consulting help you grow, restructure, refocus or optimize your business.

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If not now, when? You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.